Pleasing The People: The Importance of Local Customer Service Reps in the US

By |Published On: March 21, 2024|
Attractive female customer service representative talking to a customer.

We have all likely had a memorable experience or two trying desperately to communicate with customer service reps. I am sure most of us can distinctly recall an experience we had that left us feeling warm and fuzzy along with one that made us want to scream and pull our hair out — after hanging up of course. You know what I am talking about, the feel of a local, small business’ attentiveness and genuine care compared to a tech giant with a swarm of people on the other line that don’t truly know the product and are not quite as motivated to leave customers with a smile.

As a foreign company looking to grow your business in the United States, it may seem like a no-brainer for you to outsource your customer support to call centers in another country to save money and gear up for a greater number of cases. But I am here to tell you that you can do a lot better, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it either.

As Founder and CEO of Preferred Depot, the premier white label operations management and consulting partner for medical device, biotech, and healthcare companies looking to launch or scale their business in the US, this is a key part of my business philosophy. Two of our many offerings are customer service and tech support. Our team works diligently to create an experience that offers the reach, expertise, and scope that a larger company can take on but with the genuine care and ease of communication that generally only a small or family run business provides.

So, to help you understand our methods and how pivotal they are in the success of companies expanding in the United States, I would like to explain a few key points on this topic. Keep reading to find out why your business can, and should, have local customer service reps.


Let’s start with a hard truth. International companies and service providers often don’t fully understand the culture of the location that their callers are from. They may also not understand the demand that they will face and the expectation that their customers have for how their case will be resolved. Selecting skilled, well-versed customer service reps can be critical to retaining customers and keeping them satisfied. Many international companies assume that it is unnecessary and refuse to take this option. In reality, they are better off picking a team that truly understands the needs and expectations of the people they are hired to serve.


The single most important aspect of customer service is that your representatives can communicate effectively with your customers. Language can be a real barrier in this case, especially when hiring call center workers from around the world. It can be highly unproductive if your customer service team is located in different time zones speaking broken or heavily accented english. Local customer service reps know exactly how to deal with customers from the region using high-quality language skills that their callers can easily understand and relate to.


Hand in hand with language is culture. If there is a good culture fit between your representatives and your customers, they are better able to handle challenging cases with poise. That means that they can use their local and cultural knowledge to appropriately handle upset callers and turn them into satisfied customers. This can be truly pivotal in customer retention. In addition, they can also turn a neutral situation into a positive one, leaving customers ready and more than willing to recommend your business to their colleagues in the industry.


Training is not only crucial for customer service but also tech support. Especially if your business is in the healthcare or medical industry, you need a highly skilled, knowledgeable customer and tech support team that are 100% familiar with the product, pricing, and how to resolve any issues that may arise. Many customer service reps don’t receive clinical or technology training which can create inefficiencies and frustration with customers who need high-level support. With a local team, you can ensure each representative receives proper training to offer a great experience — even in challenging situations. A positive experience with support workers makes customers much happier and encourages them to continue buying, using, and recommending your products.

At Preferred Depot, creating a seamless operations experience from start to finish is precisely what we do. As a part of this work, we offer peak excellence in operations management and consulting, of which customer service and tech support are simply one facet. Our white label solution integrates within your company at a lightning fast pace to offer a fully transparent and flawless experience for you and your customers in everything that we do. To learn more about how Preferred Depot can make a resounding impact in the success of your startup or scaling company launching or growing in the US market, visit us at


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