Become a PDConnect investor, and you’ll be connected to some of the most exciting startup and scaling companies in the world.

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The Future Starts Now

At Preferred Depot, we are at the gateway to tomorrow’s disruptive companies, and through our PDConnect Investor Program — we’re giving you the chance to join the future.

How It Works

Twice a year, Preferred Depot will host a showcase of select companies that have not only proven their market potential, but are also at a pivotal point for expansion. As angel investors, you will have the unique opportunity to invest in these ventures via an SPV, allowing for a consolidated and potent investment vehicle managed by our seasoned professionals.

How Investments Are Structured

Investment through an SPV affords numerous benefits, including:

  • Pooled resources for a stronger bargaining position (with impressive terms that in most cases are assured months before the fundraising opportunity arises)

  • Simplified investment and management processes

  • Shared risk among investors

  • SPVs managed by Preferred Depot, for a seamless investment journey, with no management fees — only a carried interest model that aligns our success directly with the profitability of your investment.

Carried Interest and Returns

Preferred Depot’s compensation is performance-based and will be applied to all profitable exits. This model ensures that Preferred Depot is wholly committed to the success of each investment, fostering an environment where our expertise in scaling operations is leveraged to maximize investor returns.

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