Beyond 3PL: Why Operations Consulting Is Key for Medical & Health Startups

By |Published On: March 21, 2024|

Let’s face it. As a business person you know as well as anyone that startup and scaling companies have a big mountain to climb. Namely, ensuring airtight operations while also maintaining top notch regulatory compliance. Alongside this, growing companies also have to do the nitty gritty work to make sure that their powerful innovations actually reach the hands that need them all around the world. Companies just like yours need a highly skilled team of professionals to not only manage 3rd party logistics processes like assembly, storage, and shipping, but also to assist in crucial decisions that could actually make or break your business’s success abroad. This is perhaps never more poignant than when foreign companies finally make the big jump to the United States.

From abroad, it can be near impossible to fully understand the best decisions to help your company’s healthcare operations thrive in the US. I’m talking about navigating tax advantages, ensuring healthcare regulatory compliance, prioritizing medical device risk management, and so much more.

As Founder and CEO of Preferred Depot, the premier white label operations consulting and management partner for medical device, biotech, and healthcare companies looking to launch or scale in the US, this is precisely what I have built my career on. My team of experts takes care of 3PL, business development, and just about everything in between that meets your operations needs. So, to help you understand why what we do is so crucial for medical and health startups expanding in the US, I have written all about it right here. Let’s dive in!

Hitting the Ground Running

When making the move to the US, there is so much to gain. However, that doesn’t come without risk and perhaps even a lot to lose. It is key to make sure you don’t stumble around with indecision and making costly mistakes. One important example that many foreign companies looking to launch or scale in the US often do not know is that without a well-connected, local operations team, they are almost certainly bound to pay significantly more for shipping. This is because these operations partners already operate with a high enough volume that they are often able to provide you with a discount. This is just one example of how a consulting team can help you hit the ground running — make sure you don’t miss out.

Maintaining Compliance and Avoiding Risk

Regulatory compliance and risk avoidance could not be more crucial for health and medical companies especially when facing a new frontier. Making a mistake could make or break your company. It’s that simple. Luckily, the best operations consulting teams know exactly what you need to do to be compliant for the region your company is scaling in. Having a team that helps approach medical device risk management protects your company and could even save your entire business in the long run.

Maintaining a Local Presence

There are simply things that many foreign companies cannot be fully aware of before launching and growing in the US without a team on the ground to help. A local team can help you find out whether it is best — and it usually is — to establish a local entity. In the best cases, they can even be your local entity or US agent, as is the case with white label teams like Preferred Depot. As a result, this means that your business will gain more respect from locals who have far more interest in working with you when you have a local American address. In addition, your local entity can keep tangible devices or products on hand if, for whatever reason, the product needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.

Networking and Support

Much like helping you get critical shipping deals, an operations or startup consulting team can be instrumental in your ability to secure other vital opportunities as well. They have the power to connect your foreign company to their local network of investors and partner companies in the US. Preferred Depot, for example, has both a partner and investor network. We give you access to our strategic alliances that enable us to offer end-to-end solutions to our clients.

Regaining Your Focus

Perhaps one of the most recognizable signatures of entrepreneurs is their desire to tackle everything — and often with little to no help. The truth is, the most successful startup leadership has learned that their company will reach a pivotal point in which it needs a skilled team to start taking over tasks to allow them the space and freedom to grow. That’s what management and consulting teams are here for, handling the day to day operations as well as some of the higher-level capabilities so you can regain your laser focus on sales, innovation, and growth.

At Preferred Depot, our mission is to skyrocket the success of startups like yours looking to expand their operations in the United States. As a part of this work, we offer best in business operations management and consulting. Our white label solutions transparently integrate within your company in order to provide the most seamless solution for your business and for your customers. All to help you make sure your innovations can help the people who need them most. To learn more about how Preferred Depot can accelerate the growth and expansion of your startup or scaling company in the US market, visit us at


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